A midtown classic.

You not only can get a wide selection of brews here, but also a tasty Cajun meal to boot.

Photo: Metromix.com

Photo: Metromix.com

There are occasional celebrity sightings, but it’s really all about the locals and fun conversation. Lunch is a madhouse, but the servers have it down to a science when just a few minutes after you order, they shout out your name to come and get it. Nighttime is just as hectic, with people flooding the bar area to watch a game or indulge in one of the many ales offered. — Metromix.com

A great place to sit down and relax

for lunch or a long day at work is Broadway Brewhouse. They have several popular locations in Nashville but the one I know best is the one in Midtown. There’s a large bar and plenty of seating. There’s a BrewhouseMidtwon_yelp1great patio with fans to cool you down in the summer heat and dart boards and other fun bar games. The food is simple and tasty and they have a huge variety of beer on tap. But what you have to try is their specialty drink called the Bushwacker. It’s delicious. — 365nashville.com